Thursday, November 1, 2012

Midtrm Blog

The first blog I posted about "A Midsummer Night's Dream" focused mainly on my own interpretation of the idea of art in the play, rather than anything specific to the characters or plot itself. In rereading this post, I think that it is quite vague because of this. I wish that I had read more into the characters themselves, as I have done in my last two posts.
In both my last posts, I focused entirely on character and the idea of deception and manipulation. I had never read "Othello" or "Richard III" before, and so I was entirely fascinated by the more evil characters in these plays. I wrote about Iago and Richard in similar ways in regards to deception. However, when writing about Iago I focused more on action and subtle hints, and with Richard I wrote mostly about language as a weapon of manipulation.
I think that these last two posts were much more successful that the first one because I was able to get more into the characters themselves, the way Shakespeare wrote them to be instead of my own vague interpretation of a broader idea. I need to focus more on this in my writing, and start analyzing what is actually in front of me. I enjoy being able to choose my own topic to write about, because I have been finding things that interest me in the plays that I like exploring more, and I also enjoy getting other people's responses to these ideas.

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