Thursday, November 1, 2012

Midterm Blog

Looking back at all my previous posts I realize I tend to focus on the characters in the play as well as the common themes Shakespeare presents. I also noticed my use of questions; I find that our class discussion answers most of them which helps me understand the plays better.

 In post 1 I mostly stated the obvious; basically summarizing a particular Act by using little details and quotes. My main focus was the theme of typical adolescent behavior and I described the characters. I didn’t so well when it was graded so I did my best to improve my other posts that followed.

 In post 2, I focused on the turning point of the play; it starts off as a comedy and turns into a tragedy. I then talked about the characters and how the characters were influenced. In this post I incorporated my own thoughts; “I find it interesting how..” “I felt bad when..”  I then began to analyze Act 5; I noticed how Shakespeare  emphasizes Leonato’s pain and agony in the beginning. At the end I analyzed the dance; symbolizing happiness being reestablished. In this post I feel like I went into more details then my first; I used specific quotes from the text which helped bring my thoughts together.

 In post 3, I focused on how much Othello changes as a character. I used specific quotes and examples to support my claim. I noticed I added my own thoughts again; “I was surprised when..” “It’s interesting to compare..” I also incorporated rhetorical questions; leaving the discussion open for Startford bloggers.

 My main focus seems to be the characters and the role they play throughout. Shakespeare’s characters catch my attention the most; I think it’s important to analyze the characters in order to understand the play as a whole. I also mention major themes in the Acts but found ways to connect it back to the characters. I do find the blogging challenging, but in a good way. Coming into this class I knew nothing about Shakespeare so analyzing his plays is definitely a struggle. I do find the class discussions helpful; it’s interesting to hear everyone’s input; it makes it easier to understand.

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