Thursday, November 1, 2012

Post About Posts

                In my posts I primarily focus on characters and language.  I have also considered the social implications of the play’s message.  I appreciate being permitted to write about what strikes me most. It is easier to elaborate on what interests me.

After rereading my posts, I noticed that I am character obsessed. I fixate on them. I question what they do and if they would truly do that.  I question if Shakespeare paid close enough to the character traits that he previously portrayed because I feel that sometimes the characters behave unexpectedly.  They can rapidly switch gears.   I have had to train myself to dispend belief; otherwise the plays would be ruined for me.

            I am fascinated by some of Shakespeare’s strong female characters.  I have come to believe that Shakespeare loved, admired and respected women because of the way he wrote the strong female leads.   Some of them seem to behave so uncharacteristically for his time.   I have appreciated Hermia’s defiance, Helena’s determination and Beatrice’s wit & resolve.

            An aspect of my posts that I might want to revisit are the strong female characters versus the villains.  The female characters are so modern in their behaviors and actions; you might bump into them on the street.  Some of the male characters, particularly the villainous ones, remind me of soap opera characters or criminals.

            I also feel that I pay close attention to the way Shakespeare uses language.  I enjoy the way he plays with words with the use of puns and the beautiful prose.  The imagistic language has also caught my interest. 
            My posts seem to revolve around specific concerns.  The nature of my posts have not changed since we started. My posts depend on what interests me most in the play. One thing that surprised me about my posts was that I have predicted a character’s future behavior based on past experience. I now realize I should not do that because it could change! I was also surprised to find a couple of typos

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