Friday, November 2, 2012

My Meta Blog

I started off this semester being very apprehensive about having to blog. At the time I was not very familiar with Shakespeare, nor discussing him at great length. Admittedly, the stress of my personal life at the time, and my unfamiliarity with Shakespeare led to an uncompleted blog for post #1. Needless to say, the only direction to go after that was up. I was able to pull myself together enough to make comments for other bloggers, though. By the time it was my turn to blog again I was ready to come up with something. My second opportunity to blog came at the very beginning of Much Ado About Nothing. I chose to write a small discourse on Shakespeare’s choice for character names. I remember being both confused and intrigued by the similarity of names. I figured that since this stuff was on my mind, I might as well blog about it (If only I had decided to do that week 1, and not given up so easily). Though my blog only merited 3 out of 4, I was happy with the overall process, even more so when I saw that comments were made! I am most proud of my recent blog. I came up with the idea of exploring the topic of Conscience in Act I of Richard III while I was reading our assignment for that week, and quickly formulated (in my head) how to expand on it in my blog. Despite my technical difficulties, I thoroughly enjoyed writing my blog, and was happy that I was able to include lines and examples to fully back up my blog’s thesis. I think this latest blog is the type of work I should continue to strive for through the rest of the semester. The commenting aspect of the blogs is my favorite. I like that I can read others’ posts and comments and add to them. It becomes a very collaborative environment, and even helps spark ideas for new blogs. When I read the blogs of my classmates I sometimes find myself thinking, “Wow, I didn’t consider that aspect.” Their ideas give me new things to think about when I’m reading, and will surely help me discover new things to blog about.

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