Thursday, November 1, 2012


I remember somewhat struggling to find a topic I particularly wanted to address for my first post. To find a topic that I could confidently write 400-500 words on was not easy since I found myself jumping from point to point. Looking back on it now, I like that I ended up discussing the classes and social hierarchy in A Midsummer Night's Dream, but I believe I was not confident enough in my approach, and was even incorrect in my assertion that the play at the end of the play “shows the breaking down of barriers between the classes.” When I went to class the next day and we discussed this scene, I immediately found my thoughts and interpretations of the scene that I addressed in my post to be a bit off. Our discussion in class helped to point out specific details in the act that I had not seen on my own which in the end, made me disagree with my earlier assertion of the effect that the play had on the social classes.
My Richard III post was meant to pose questions and perhaps inspire discussion about a topic I found particularly interesting--the lack of punishment that Richard receives for the murders he commits. The discussion aspect of the blogging assignments is very valuable as we are able to address and comment on things that we may not have been able to get to in class. The comments from my classmates were definitely helpful and helped to answer some questions that I had (and posed in my post). In particular, before posting and reading the comments, I had not thought of the very real possibility that Richard killed some of the people he did--Anne’s family for example--in combat during the war. This thought had never occurred to me and it helps to, at least partially, explain the lack of punishment that RIchard receives. In my Richard III post, people responded with their own insights to the questions I posed as well as explanations for things I found to be confusing.
My posts have changed and my latest post was written in a way that caters to building a discussion. I found this to be a preferable way to blog as it utilizes the insight of my classmates and encourages people to think about the things I think about while reading while also bringing in their own thoughts and criticism. I find this to be extremely valuable and interesting.
My first post was written more formally and did not cater to discussion at all. If I had catered to post to be discussed I may have gotten more out of it. I know I got more out of my Richard III post which led to a pretty good discussion. In the future, I will try to continue to blog in such a way that inspires comments, further thinking, and discussion as I found that to be valuable.

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