Thursday, November 1, 2012

H Hoffman midterm Meta-Post

          Looking back now I noticed my strongest blog post was my first blog post. The post was about the roles of men and women and how they viewed the world. I feel very strongly when It comes to female vs male opinions, especially with Shakespeare's plays.  I love reading about strong women roles in Shakespeare. In A Midsummers Night's Dream Hippolyta is my favorite, although we do not see much of her in this play as the other women characters.
         Hippolyta is a favorite of mine because she shows that she is still shows women are just as strong willed and powerful as men. Hippolyta also proves that women are smarter than what men think of them.  Beatrice in Much Ado About Nothing is my favorite character. Strong female characters have so much power and are so confident! Both of my comments i have made on other blogs were about women's roles and about Beatrice. 

My second blog post was different, It was about the villainous manipulator, Iago. I hated Iago's character in Othello. I think that was the post I was the most frustrated with because of how evil and manipulative Iago was. Now thinking about it Richard in Richard III is another example of a maniacal manipulative character that I dislike in Shakespeare's plays. I have noticed how emotional I can get when reading, and then being very expressive when writing about these characters or commenting about them.  
     I was surprised with how expressive I can be when writing the blog posts. With the strong female roles I just pour what my feeling or emotion would be as if I was the character and go from there. With Iago and Richard III, the manipulation is enough to drive someone insane. When I read the plays I don't expect for me to get so angry with these evil characters, but I do.

My third blog post was one that we mentioned a lot in class.  " The Path of the Handkerchief" was one post that was most difficult for me because the Handkerchief was passed around the characters in Othello , it was hard keeping track of it. I know it has special significances for most of the characters and is a great tool or prop to use in discovering its path. I think this post is very interesting and the "magic" behind the hanky is very interesting, because you can see if you can go deeper in finding the different ways it was more significant to some characters than others.
       The aspects of the blog posts that I value most is the freedom to express my opinion of the characters in the different plays. 

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