Thursday, November 1, 2012

Erika's Midterm Post

The first thing that I notice about all my posts is that majority have to do with a woman and a man in the play. I wrote about Beatrice and Benedick, Richard and Anne, ect. I tend to more often focus on the relationships of the female characters with the male characters in the play and I am often curious as to why Shakespeare never has a female character as the main character. A few of the plays we have read even have the title of a man’s name, and I think that I am subconsciously angry that there is no female in this role.

Another point that I notice that I consistently write about is my comparison from one play to the next. I seem to look for similarities between plays, but I wish looking back on them that I would broaden this thought a little, or that I would elaborate more and maybe even look into why these same trends occur in his writing.

I notice that my posts have become much more improved since the beginning of the semester, and that has been reflected in my grade. I am happy with how I have been doing in the class, but I feel that I can do much better. I have always been a student that settles for less than the best, and would love to see myself take my posts to the next level and bring my grade up even more. This is a personal goal that I have set for myself, and am going to stay committed to it.

This is the first class that I have actually used a blog format, so I think that a lot of my “shaking” in the beginning post was from “treading unfamiliar territory”, I am getting better with the posting, and now that I am a bit more comfortable with the expectations, it is getting more manageable. This is new for me, but the results that I have produced are not as farfetched as I was anticipating when I first started this meta-blog. I wish that I would have elaborated a bit more, especially in the last part about the “magic” references I made. There was a lot going on here, and I only touched on this point so that I could go back to my female character focus.

I am not a huge fan of the blogging concept, and feel like sometimes this has a negative effect on my posts. I really need to work on this as well, and need to value what blogging can do for me, my fellow peers, and my future students.

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